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Freevo is an open-source project which turns your computer into a home theater pc [aka: htpc]. It is written primarily in python and runs on Linux and FreeBSD. See for further information.

Personal Freevo experience

I'm using a freevo htpc as a standalone device that is connected to my TV. I started years ago with the 1.3 series. In 02/2005 I build a new htpc from scratch. Using SuSE 9.2 and the current freevo-version 1.5.3 it was quite conveniently to set up, but nevertheless I ran into a few problems. Therefore I'm publishing my personal solutions, maybe it helps building your freevo htpc. It's not a step-by-step guide. If you are a freevo newbie you should read the wiki as well.

My htpc hardware

My htpc is located on a shelf on top of the tv. There's a curtain to hide it, so I could choose a standard grey midi tower without having my wife complaining about design issues. Of course one goal was to build a quiet system, but on the other hand I don't wanted to spend more than [ more about what hardware I have choosen]

My htpc setup

I'm distinguishing between the system setup (SuSE 9.2), which was rather easy and the freevo setup, which was, no, which is quite tricky (at least for me...).

System setup

In my opinion using apt on SuSE is the ultimate choice for a modest software setup. Resolving the dependencies of freevo, xmltv etc. otherwise is a real pain in the ass. [Read a short overview...]

Freevo setup

Basic freevo setup is easy, but if you want some special features or lots of additional plugins it gets harder. [Read more about my attempts to tweak the config...]

Automated shutdown/wakeup

One of the core features of a PVR should be the functionality of an automated system wakeup to perform a scheduled recording and the shutdown afterwards. There is an open-source project called nvram-wakeup which offers the wakeup part. It was originally designed for the vdr-project [...but it works for freevo as well]

My freevo themes

Maybe I'm wrong, but I think most of the M$ Windows related projects, not only the htpc ones, have nicer and more professionall icons. Therefore I took a closer look at the cvs repositories of both the xmbc and the mediaportal projects. These projects are hosted by Sourceforge and are published under the GPL. That allowed me to use some of their icons and images to build up a new iconset for freevo. I'd like to use this opportunity to give kudos to both projects and their graphical artists - nice job you guys did! [See the result of my sneaking 'round in foreign repositories...]

If you've read so far you'll have noticed that I'm not a native English speaker. I'm afraid you'll become aware of several typos and weird explanations.

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