Current Downloads

All available downloads are listed below in alphabetical order. Click on the requested file with your left mouse button. "Save Link as..." with right button will add a ".php" to the filename, which has to be removed.

Personal Files

Take a look at my personal config files, the wakeup-script and the themes/iconsets I've assembled.
FilenameSizeLast modifiedDownloads
freevo-mediaportal-theme-0.1.tgz1601.50 KB2005-03-10Downloaded 959 times
freevo-weather-mediaportal-iconset-0.1.tgz267.32 KB2005-03-10Downloaded 571 times
freevo.conf0.37 KB2005-03-10Downloaded 734 times
freevo_init4.10 KB2005-03-10Downloaded 678 times
local_conf.py39.03 KB2005-03-20Downloaded 1121 times
record.sh1.04 KB2005-03-10Downloaded 560 times
stationlist.xml3.43 KB2005-03-10Downloaded 578 times
tvtime.xml1.62 KB2005-03-10Downloaded 544 times
wakeup_check.tar.gz3.55 KB2005-03-19Downloaded 394 times
XF86Config4.75 KB2005-03-10Downloaded 615 times

My favorite Freevo plugins

These are the external plugins (not shipped with freevo) I have currently activated on my Freevo box.
FilenameSizeLast modifiedDownloads
copy_to_cd.tar.gz1.88 KB2005-03-19Downloaded 360 times
freevo-appletrailers-plugin-0.1.tgz50 KB2005-03-19Downloaded 509 times
freevo-audio-albumtree-0.5.1.tar.gz4.95 KB2005-03-19Downloaded 432 times
freevo-dilbert-plugin-0.1.tgz20 KB2005-03-19Downloaded 478 times
freevo-hddtemp-plugin-0.6.tgz12.30 KB2005-03-19Downloaded 439 times
Freevo-Weather-0.8.tar.gz684.12 KB2005-03-19Downloaded 437 times
sqlmusic_view.py3.13 KB2005-03-19Downloaded 562 times
video-dvdimage-0.1.tgz8.84 KB2005-03-19Downloaded 489 times