Unsolved config issues


There are several problems I have with the freevo setup that are currently unsolved. I asked for help on the mailing-lists, googled and searched the wiki, but it seems as nobody is able the help. The problems are not vital, it's more or less fine-tuning. I will publish any progress or solutions on this page. If you can help me please drop a note. See the GPG-Key in the table of content for my eMail address.

2005-03-10: TV guide doesn't show details

This is a really strange error. I have <desc>-tags in my TV.xml. I can see the description of a show when watching live tv with tvtime (pressing "d"). But the description doesn't show up on top of freevos tv guide when selecting exactly the same show. I've tried noia, blurr and info theme, no description. It shows title and times. I've made two screenshots which show the same movie in both tvguide and live tv.

Am I missing something ?

2005-03-10: Musicplayer (running mplayer) doesn't change the title no and name

This error appears when listening to an audio cd. You start e.g. with title no. 2 and when title no. 3 starts, the gui doesn't update. This happens because mplayer seems not to output the necessary data in slave mode. Xine does, but it speeds up the drive to max. rpm when accessing next item in playlist. I'll ask for help on the mplayer list.

2005-03-10: Recorded shows start with wrong aspect ratio using xine

I'm recording at 352x576. Mplayer detects the info to scale to 4:3, current xine doesn't. I have to switch to 4:3 manually. I would like to add a "--aspect-ratio 4:3" to the fxd-file of the recorded show. How do I do it ? I'll ask Dischi for help.

There is an interesting post regarding tv recording from Jesper Mathiassen on freevo-users@2005-03-08:

"Recording in Fullframe square D1 is a cpuhog. as a general guideline, the number of pixels is almost linear propartional to the processing time required. So simple reduce the number of pixels by 2, and your cpuload will drop to half.. Also, with regards to playing back the video, horizontially rectangular pixels is less "visible" than vertiacally rectangular. In other words, 384x576 seems less grainy than 768x288. This is especially true on tv sets, which blurs horizontially more than vertically. This alos leads to the fact than tv's dont use square pixels. thats why PAL Fullframe D1 is actually 720x576, and not 768x576 which is square pixels more suited for monitors. This effects is also used on low-res DVDs (Half-res) which uses 352x576, and Quarter-res 352x288. These should all be scaled to an aspect ratio of 4/3 (or 16/9 depending on content.. ). hmm.. lots of details here.. I can go into more if anyone wants it, but I'll cut it short here and give you my mencoder line. It records in 352x576, which is autostretched by mplayer to 768x576, which makes for excellent video quality on regular tv-sets. Also it includes option which allows it to pack it all into about 700Mb pr. hour in decent quality. ( I only record tv-shows, so I'd rather have a large base than super quality... doubling the bitrate pretties the picture up a bit. ). It uses about 67%cpu on a Athlon 700. Of course its not HDTV or DVD quality.. but If thats what you wanted, I wouldn't think youve bought a bt8x8 card ;)

nice -n -17 /usr/bin/mencoder tv:// -oac mp3lame -lameopts cbr:br=128:mode=3 -force-avi-aspect 1.33 -ovc lavc -vf pp=lb/al -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4:vbitrate=1650:mbd=1:vqmin=2:vlelim=-4:vcelim=7:lumi_mask=0.15:dark_mask=0.07:vqcomp=0.5:vqblur=0.2:mpeg_quant:keyint=50 -ffourcc divx -noskip -tv driver=v4l2:outfmt=yv12:input=0:width=352:height=576:device=/dev/video0:norm=pal:chanlist=europe-west:channel=S11:adevice=/dev/dsp1:audiorate=44100:buffersize=64 -endpos 3649 -o recording.avi
notice the nice value, which removes framedrops but renders the rest of the system very slow. Also notice the -vf pp=al/lb, which makes the colors pretty and deinterlaces the picture. I notice you're from europe, so your signal is very likely interlaced, hence you might want deinterlacing. (this is another long story on how to handle this I will spare you ;) but you can encode the interlaced picture which plays nicer on interlaced tv's )"

Thanks Jesper!

2005-03-10: Radioplayer show elapsed time in seconds only

When listening to FM Radio the player shows station name and elapsed time. If you exceed 60 seconds playtime, it doesn't change to min:sec, it just shows the total amount of seconds, e.g. 61 instead of 1:01. Switching to detached player, it works normally, switching back to fullscreen player the error shows up again.