My Freevo Themes


Maybe I'm wrong, but I think most of the M$ Windows related projects, not only the htpc ones, have elaborate and extremly professional looking icons and images. Therefore I took a closer look at the cvs repositories of both the xmbc and the mediaportal projects. These projects are hosted by Sourceforge and are published under the GPL. That allowed me to use some of their icons and images to build up a new iconset for freevo. I'd like to use this opportunity to give kudos to both projects and their graphical artists - nice job you guys did!

Due to my very limited skills in python/knowledge of freevo skin structure I choosed the blurr-skin as a basis and modified just a few points, e.g. fonts. My primary focus was the integration of the new icons.

Blurr based mediaportal theme

The mediaportal-theme contains some additional background icons for new entries in the main menu. See directory share/images/mediaportal within the tar-file for details.

I allready covered weather-, mail-, headlines- and commands-plugin and of course the genuine menu entries tv, movies, music, images and shutdown.

Click the thumb picture to view the screenshot. Use the back button to return.

If you want to see more of this theme take a look at the galerie.

Mediaportal icons for the weather plugin

The weather-iconset comes with 9 new weather icons to provide a more detailed optical weather forecast. I slightly adjusted the weather types and corrected some typos.

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You can get the current versions on my download page. Install the packages with freevo install package.tgz. You'll need a freevo 1.5.x version at least for the mediaportal-theme.